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Hashtechs Has Started Service from 2016 with low-Level investment Our Aim is to Offer Unlimited Webhosting Solution globally with affordable pricing for Startup’s/Companies. We Have Reached a good number of Clients at the end of the Year 2016.We have started our Packages with Cheap Pricing (not Cheap service). At the Start of 2018, We are working have a wider range of services, and with more happy customers


[nrghost_heading animation=”fadeInDown” heading=”Our History” css=”.vc_custom_1521909450146{margin-bottom: 60px !important;}”][/nrghost_heading][nrghost_features style=”2″ animation=”fadeInUp”][nrghost_nested_feature title=”Reddohosting” description=”We first launched as Reddohosting.com in Dec 2016″ image=”246″ date=”2016″][nrghost_nested_feature title=”Offering Domains ” description=”In early of 2017, we starting to offer domains ” image=”305″ date=”2017″][nrghost_nested_feature title=”Hashtechs” description=”2018, we decided to offer wider services. we are not limited anymore to hosing only. we will offer more integrated solutions. wait for it! ” image=”245″ date=”2018″][/nrghost_features]